Square Footage: 55,800
Actual Cost: $19 Million
Completion Date: June 2017

Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley consolidated their multi-site primary and specialty care services onto their Boardman Campus. The convenience and accessibility of combining these offerings in one building was reinforced in the design of this 2-story addition. A new front door provides an easy to find entrance. The main level features a regionalized registration desk and a main concourse with shared waiting areas for all practices. The 2nd floor is identical to the 1st for easy wayfinding. A total of 47 exam rooms are arranged into 3 practice areas for primary care and medical and surgical specialty groups. Any specialty can be scheduled in any universally designed exam room, maximizing schedule flexibility. A sports rehabilitation area rounds out the services offered. The renovation portion of this project includes the lobby and a small section of the Hemocology/Oncology Suite for the inclusion of palliative care. Interior design elements reinforce a “reconnecting with nature” theme reflecting the surrounding park system.