The new multi-story health clinic at the Naval Academy in Annapolis combines the key elements of safety, efficiency and flexibility to improve medical outcomes and reflect a world-class environment focused on patient care. Located off-site from the historic academy campus, the design uses local materials and rich architectural details that create a unique sense of place and connect the clinics’ identity to the academy. Positioned between existing retail and the Naval Academy golf course, the LEED Gold facility takes full advantage of the landscape and compact footprint sharing vehicular circulation and parking, while protecting and embracing the site’s natural views and recreation spaces.

The exterior façade blends the historical context of the beaux arts architecture familiar to the academy campus, the maritime culture of the city, and the existing architecture of the site. The nautical culture of Annapolis can be seen in the robust, yet elegant forms, such as the sculptural wood “sail” that is used to subdivide waiting areas and the main entry “quarter deck” that provides space for formal ceremonies. A curved entry stair and sculptural elevator core reinforce the nautical forms found throughout the clinic. Natural light is filtered into the center of the building through clerestory windows creating a soothing environment that promotes patient and staff wellbeing.