Square Footage: 144,000
Actual Cost: N/A
Completion Date: N/A

Steffian Bradley Architects (SBA) is currently providing design services for the fit-out of Boston Children’s at Brookline Place project, part of Boston Children’s expansion and renewal projects known as Transforming Tomorrow. Boston Children’s at Brookline Place will be a new 8-story building housing 144,000 SF of program space for the country’s top-ranked children’s hospital’s ambulatory clinical programs.

Within the building will be a Neurodevelopmental and Neuropsychiatric Center co-locating multi-disciplinary providers treating patients diagnosed with disorders relating to behavioral health, attention deficit/hyperactivity, autism spectrum and cognitive development, speech/language, and hearing. Other departments include a procedure suite, MRIs, PT/OT, chronic pain services, immunology, ophthalmology, and dental.

The theme “The Amazing You” was developed to highlight exploring the world through each sense in a friendly, safe, and supportive environment and provide clear wayfinding throughout the building. This project is designed to achieve LEED Silver certification.