Square Footage: 209,000
Actual Cost: $68.9 Million
Completion Date: October 2014

This major expansion of a 10-year-old greenfield hospital added 124,000 SF to the existing hospital, and included renovating 85,000 SF of existing space. A new 48,000 SF medical office building and a 64,000 SF parking garage was also added to the campus as part of the expansion.

The key goals of the project were to design to LEED Silver, architecturally tie the campus together, and ensure continuous smooth operation of the existing facility while undergoing the expansion. This last piece proved most challenging on the vertical expansion of 19,200 SF over the existing ED. Minimizing disruption called for careful planning and coordination, resulting in a 13-phased plan that successfully met the hospital’s design, budget, and schedule goals. The additions allowed the hospital to increase to 130 beds, as well as expanded emergency, imaging, surgery, and support services, and added a cath lab.