Square Footage: 78,494
Actual Cost: $31 Million
Completion Date: October 2017

This existing emergency department is being enlarged to accommodate an ED that is flexible to function as the volumes and level of care required may fluctuate. These areas of flexibility include 72 exam/treatment rooms, 2 CT rooms, 2 radiology rooms, and the relocation of cardiac rehab, physical therapy offices, bed control, and a pre-admission unit. The main walk-in entrance has been located under the existing north tower. The drives have been reconfigured to optimize traffic flow patterns. The main adult ED will consist of approximately 32 rooms that may flex based on acuity level. A central core support area will serve the main ED. A separate suite is designated for behavioral health exams and treatment. This unit contains 4 flexible exam rooms and 2 designated secure holding rooms. The south public entrance provides a dedicated pediatric ED entrance. The pediatric ED contains 16 exam rooms and access to the ambulance entrance and helipad elevators. It will also have its own waiting, triage, and support spaces.