Square Footage: 180,000
Actual Cost: $110 Million
Completion Date: July 2017

Located one block from the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Health Center is an 180,000 SF, 12-story, mixed-use Health Center and commercial hub for The New York Hotel Trades Council and Hotel Association of New York City, Inc. Health Benefits Fund, Health Center, Inc. (HCI). The contrasting textures of its glass curtain wall capture the shadows and reflections of the surrounding architecture, transforming as the sun moves across them over the course of a day. Additionally, the glass skin makes visible the movement of people inside the building—the building’s circulation corridors run alongside its perimeter, around the clinical spaces, inverting the traditional layout of healthcare interiors. This fluidity continues in the programming of clinical spaces. The building does not have physicians’ offices or waiting rooms. Instead, all appointments are handled electronically through online scheduling and registration programs that link patient records and medical history with the appropriate treatment. HCI predicts that 85% of patients will be treated in less than an hour.