Square Footage: 3,000,000+
Actual Cost: N/A
Completion Date: September 2017 (Phase 1)

Occupying two full blocks in the heart of downtown Montreal, the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM) merges three aged francophone hospitals into a single-site institution. The anchor of Montreal’s new health district, the development seamlessly combines teaching, research, and health care—breathing new life into a once neglected neighborhood and solidifying the city’s standing as a health and science hub of excellence.

• 3 million+ SF
• 22 stories tall
• 772 single-bed patient rooms
• 443 examination rooms
• 15 inpatient departments
• 39 operating rooms
• 40 specialty outpatient clinics
• 70 automated guided vehicles
• 10,000+ employees

Designed by CannonDesign in association with NEUF Architect(e)s