Square Footage: 224,300
Actual Cost: $110.2 Million
Completion Date: 2016

Envisioned as the “Hospital of the Future,” the Cleveland Clinic Avon Hospital leverages flexibility and technology while incorporating an interdisciplinary team approach to both medicine and services. Simultaneous to design, medical staff developed a workflow process to coordinate with interdisciplinary teaming, e-hospital, and technological advancements. The collaborative design, which is informed by process mapping of patient, material, and support services, results in a 15 percent reduction of space compared to an average acute care hospital in the United States. Visioning sessions involved enterprise leaders and a PhD researcher in the analysis of multiple mockups of patient rooms. This medical project delivered a new 225,000 SF inpatient bed tower to an existing family heath and ambulatory surgical center. The scope added 126 inpatient beds, 14 medical/surgical patient rooms, 12 intensive care beds, 2 new operating rooms, a pharmacy, a processing lab, dietary services, and an expansion of the emergency and imaging departments.