The Cooperman Family Pavilion at Saint Barnabas Medical Center represents an innovative blend of complicated infrastructural needs and a world-class patient care experience.

The five-story addition is made of a transparent curtain wall framed by a terra cotta architectural element, presenting a bold new face for the Medical Center. The entrance draws in visitors with an intuitive layout whose sweeping feature walls and striking color choices broadcast the contemporary, confident care delivered within. The lobby’s light-driven forms continue within the healthcare spaces: saturated, natural colors promote an uplifting user experience. These patterns, colors, and textures additionally promote wayfinding, giving an organic sense of flow to the interior.

The result is a beautiful, natural light-infused building that reflects evidence-based approaches to promote healing and improve care — from curb-free showers that prevent falls, to acoustical materials that lessen noise, to hybrid operating suites that allow surgeons to transfer easily from minimally invasive to open procedures.