For an expansion that involved infilling two shelled floors at the 350,000 sf Dally Tower, the Clark Kjos team viewed the project as an opportunity to improve patient health outcomes at the facility. Our primary focus was to enhance staff communication, staff efficiency, acoustic performance, and patient fall reduction for 80 patient beds.

To make this project a success, our designers felt it was essential to start the planning process with a three-day Lean Workshop with the staff who would occupy the floors. With a focus on workflow and caregiver processes, the group developed two plan options, from which Clark Kjos distilled the best attributes from each then tested and quantified the travel distances that nursing staff would walk daily.

By comparing the newly-designed floor plan with previously-built patient floors in the same tower, hospital leaders were able to endorse the ‘better’ plan based on measurable data. Confidence in the process and resulting data translated to minimal change throughout the remaining design and construction efforts.

The new floor plan reduces the time required for staff trips to storage, equipment, medications and charting. Ultimately the collaboration with the design team and hospital stakeholders allowed for a return of an estimated 22 minutes of direct patient care time per 12-hour shift, allowing nurses to spend more time with patients.