Square Footage: 250,000
Actual Cost: $136.5 Million
Completion Date: July 2016

The new patient tower for Dayton Children’s Hospital is located in the center of the existing campus, offering connections to important service areas in all directions. Links to existing buildings are provided on multiple levels by bridges and ground floor adjacencies. The 8-level tower is oriented with the length of the building to the northeast. The design of the building’s exterior has been crafted to establish a new identity for the hospital. Private patient rooms on the long faces of the building are clad in a uniquely faceted metal wall system. The north side of the new tower features a 30-foot-tall atrium which connects with the 3rd floor of the new tower and the existing 4th floor. An outdoor play and garden space allows for respite to all to enjoy. Oval skylights ringed with bench seating become feature elements in the play area and bring daylight into the atrium space below. These skylights are illuminated at night with color changing lights. The result of the design is an optimal healing environment that supports lifesaving care for kids.