Square Footage: 361,000
Actual Cost: $306 Million
Completion Date: July 2016

The Eastern Maine Medical Center modernization 361,000 SF project enables the hospital to adapt to emerging technology and modern procedures while accommodating increased demand on a limited footprint.

Natural light, decentralized nurses’ stations, adaptable-acuity single patient rooms, private bathrooms, patient lifts, and respite areas are all incorporated into the design. With expansive views of the adjacent Penobscot River, the tower supports a main lobby, cafe, heart and vascular care space, surgical suite, NICU, two floors of private patient rooms, and a newly
renovated labor and delivery center.

Thoughtful planning of the inpatient spaces enables better access and coordination of care for patients of all ages. Micro stations provide staff observation while limiting the disruption to patients and families. A flexibly designed NICU accommodates multiple birth siblings with connected patient rooms.

The new lobby incorporates design elements reflective of Maine’s natural beauty. The new cafe provides an event space as well as a area of relaxation for patients, families, and staff.