Square Footage: 5.6 Million
Actual Cost: N/A
Completion Date: 2020

Covering a site of almost 30 acres, the 2,500-bed Fifth XiangYa Hospital requires an extensive network of systems to ensure that the staff have the necessary resources to provide care, and that patients and visitors can easily navigate the immense facility.

Each inpatient floor has two circulation paths: one for staff and materials management; one for patients and visitors. Separating these circulation paths improves the patient experience by reducing cart and staff traffic near patient rooms, thereby decreasing potential noise disruption. The clear organization and integration of these hospital systems prioritize a positive patient and staff experience. Clear wayfinding with transparency and access to daylight eases stress for patients and visitors as they navigate the hospital complex. Staff members have opportunities for respite and rejuvenation that ultimately improve patient care. The networked systems recede into the background, allowing the complex’s healing characteristics and integration with nature, daylight, and views to have greater impact.