Square Footage: 615,000
Actual Cost: $323 Million
Completion Date: February 2017

The Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center, the brainchild of the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the Nebraska Medical Center, is designed to place researchers working in laboratories just steps away from clinicians caring for patients. The collaboration, communication, and problem-solving fostered in special translational “knowledge transfer” zones inspires trans-disciplinary integration and helps accelerate individualized patient treatments based on the latest research and a patient’s own cancer cells. Seven floors of the research tower are dedicated to different types of cancer, attracting the world’s foremost scientists. For patients receiving care, a new 108-bed inpatient tower sits adjacent to a multidisciplinary outpatient center where patients go for diagnosis, plan of care, and treatment. Spaces within the center are designed to enhance the patient experience through physical and emotional connections, including unique environments such as the Chihuly Sanctuary and Leslie’s Healing Garden.