Designing and building a 250,000 SF, 170-bed hospital outside of Las Vegas in 15 months made the new Henderson Hospital project in Union Village one of the fastest hospitals built in the western United States. It improves the patient and family experience by offering care to future residents of the village as well as residents of Henderson. The hospital features a variety of medical offices and patient services, including surgery, cardiology, radiology, laboratory, respiratory, and inpatient pharmacy and nursing units.

The overall goal was to build a high-performing facility in record time for less than $800,000 per bed. To do this, the team recognized that implementing an IPD Lean approach was the primary component to the success of the project. The team completed the project on time, under budget, with 93% of the incentive stretch goals achieved. In the two years since opening its doors, Henderson Hospital has been nationally recognized as a top performing facility.

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This project was created in partnership between Turner Construction, HMC Architects and Universal Health Services, Inc.

HMC Architects
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