The Hengqin Hospital will be the main provider of healthcare for a new city being developed on an is-land adjacent to the city of Zhuhai. It will be the signature anchor of a comprehensive medical campus, which will include of a series of specialty hospitals. A key design challenge was organizing 1.5 million square feet on a limited site without overwhelming the surroundings or using up all the available land. The conceived design is a single, crescent-shaped structure that leans against the city streets. The re-sult is a continuous building that connects the hospital’s programs with maximum efficiency, providing more rational and intuitive circulation and shorter travel distances.

The densely packed building makes room for a large central garden, the Green Heart, shared between the main hospital and the specialty hospitals. Seamlessly integrated into the life of the hospital, it nur-tures the wellbeing of patients, family, visitors and staff. A waterway winds through the landscape, connecting the Green Heart with smaller gardens, more intimate outdoor spaces and promenades.