Square Footage: 19,600
Actual Cost: Confidential
Completion Date: Fall 2016

Located in Tacoma, Washington, the Mary Bridge Adolescent Behavioral Health Unit at MultiCare’s Tacoma General Hospital is a 27-bed inpatient unit that serves the unique needs of adolescents between 13 and 18 years of age with 24-hour inpatient care. To meet the growing demand of behavioral health needs of the community, this facility provides access to adolescents and their families in a mental health crisis.

The Clark/Kjos Architects (CKA) team, consultants, health system care team, and construction manager participated in a rigorous lean workshop. CKA summarized the most current research, a literature search of more than 100 articles, of behavioral health facility environmental factors, which can be summarized by three categories of the environment:

• Physical: Functional spaces for sufficient and varied activity and consultation
• Social: Spaces that promote positive behaviors
• Symbolic: Signals of trust, collaboration, refuge, and respect

This information served as confirmation to the group that the ideas that were brought forward by the group were in alignment with current research.