16-Vista-Award-Renovation200x200Square Footage: 185,926
Actual Cost: $60 Million
Completion Date: December 2015

The project included a 2-floor addition to an existing 5-story patient tower, creating a new equipment penthouse, relocating the NICU, replacing the exterior skin of the tower and upgrading patient rooms to meet the latest regulatory standards and market demands—all while maintaining functions as an acute care facility with 240 patient beds. When construction commenced, the initial challenge was to create a watertight seal for the existing tower. After extensive value analysis, Roy Anderson Corp (RAC) recommended a 100,000 SF exterior glass curtain wall be installed using a unitized system. This saved eight months in construction. Once the new mechanical penthouse was constructed on the eighth floor, existing mechanical was rerouted and tied into the new system. This freed up space for larger patient rooms and enhanced clinical workstations. Because the rooms and bathrooms were on different footprints from the bottom floors, there was significant utility transitioning. RAC took advantage of times when the patient rooms weren’t at 100 percent occupancy to transition plumbing on a room-by-room basis. To attach the new structure to the top of the tower, contractors hammer drilled more than 100 columns and then poured a concrete base to form stub columns that would support the new structural steel.