Square Footage: 890,000
Actual Cost: $344.1 Million
Completion Date: January 2015

In May 2011, a tornado ravaged Joplin, Missouri. Mercy Hospital was devastated, leaving a community desperately in need of medical attention without a working facility. Within hours of the disaster, Mercy contacted HKS and McCarthy to help them rebuild. The team worked closely with Mercy to develop their vision for the future. Delivering on that vision meant accomplishing an almost impossible task—designing, building, and opening a 208-bed, 890,000 SF replacement hospital and outpatient facility in less than four years. We mobilized our team, co-located, and searched for solutions that would accomplish this task. In March 2015, the new and improved Mercy Hospital Joplin was delivered, with systems and structure designed to withstand even the fiercest storm. The journey to the new hospital campus embodies the spirit, fortitude, and determination of the Sisters of Mercy who originally founded the hospital in the late 1800s. The new hospital restored hope and will serve the people of Joplin for many years to come.