Square Footage: 524,000
Actual Cost: $9 Million
Completion Date: June 2013

When a CMS physical environment audit showed that an aged university tower electrical distribution system needed significant replacement and modification to maintain certification, an experienced team collaborated to provide a detailed response within the 45-day requirement that included:

• Re-distribution of campus circuits and removal of pad mount switches to make way for new 480V electrical building construction (located over existing electrical space)
• Installation of new electrical equipment, providing required branch separations
• Commissioning new main infrastructure
• New riser rooms on each floor to accommodate code-required branch-separated distribution
• Re-routing brand circuits to their respective panels, with adequate spare breakers/panel space for future department remodels

The end result of this project helped to better serve the staff and patients by increasing the reliability and stability of the electrical distribution system that they rely upon. It was completed with no unscheduled outages while meeting budget and CMS schedule (and certification) requirements.