Square Footage: 37,100
Actual Cost: $15.4 Million
Completion Date: June 2017

This 1-story addition and renovation to an existing hospital promotes a zoned health care campus. All outpatient services, including primary care, therapy, rehabilitation, and wellness, are consolidated in a state-of-the-art facility focused on quality of care. Natural light, views, and carefully crafted spaces enhance the patient experience. A key component to the project is a new main entrance to the hospital, incorporating a new portecochère allowing covered cueing space for multiple vehicles. The entry lobby features a centralized registration area that includes a greeter desk, private registration rooms, quick registration stations, and soft seating. The new ambulatory care environments are oriented to maximize natural daylighting strategies. A sensitive use of new materials complements the existing palette but provides a more progressive and energy-efficient design. The ipe and terracotta facades are woven into the interior design, complemented by additional natural materials and graphics promoting health and wellness.