Square Footage: 250,000
Actual Cost: $187 Million
Completion Date: 2020

The design of Chester County Hospital’s expansion is inspired by the Mediterranean heritage of the hospital’s original building. Comprising a new main entrance, an 18-room procedural platform, an emergency department, a parking garage and a new bed tower, the expansion will be the institution’s largest construction project to date, and is intended to propel Chester County Hospital into the vanguard of 21st century health care.

Following a planning process that incorporated evidence-based design and engaged hospital stakeholders with 3D models and full-scale mock-ups, Ballinger developed an experience for patients and staff that promotes tranquility and healing.

New glass elements and courtyards complement the white stucco and tile roofs of the existing campus. They enable intuitive wayfinding while providing access to daylight and nature. A ground floor courtyard serves as a verdant extension of the lobby, with seating beneath a canopy of ginkgo trees. Designed to achieve LEED Silver certification, the project includes an expansive green roof atop the procedural platform.