Square Footage: 230,000
Actual Cost: $50 Million
Completion Date: 2016

The facility brings together 11 system physician practices from different parts of the city into one location to facilitate patient access and create a sense of place. The 230,000 SF ambulatory care center features bariatrics, digestive health/endo suites, and physician practice space. The promenade circulation spine features clearly defined entry portals to point-of-care destinations. Healing garden courtyards provide connections to nature and bring an abundance of daylight inside.

HKS formed cross-functional teams with leaders from each practice to determine current space utilization in the existing buildings, to understand the current state operations, and to establish future state operational model, space requirements, and exam room utilization. The analysis resulted in a collaborative model of care that reduced space requirements and saved the client construction cost. Room standardization and connectivity between 23 modules allows for flexibility, making schedule load leveling easier and increasing the potential for higher exam room utilization.