Children’s Mercy Hospital (CMH) and Sporting Kansas City teamed up to promote health and fitness and to provide specialized sports medicine to young athletes in the Kansas City Metropolitan area. This new clinic allows kids throughout the region to work side by side with their professional soccer heroes, as Sporting Kansas City’s team members share the performance and rehabilitation gym with CMH.

The design team created an open plan and modern design with a concept focused around one central theme: ‘Continuous Movement’. This theme not only applies to the physical motions of the people utilizing the facility, but also the entire formation of the facility itself. The correlation of shapes, layers and intersections of mass within the space assists with wayfinding and encourages movement.

As a leader in Pediatric Healthcare, Children’s Mercy Sports Medicine Center allows the hospital to provide thoughtful and responsible rehab for the young athletes in the community. This facility allows patients to receive a comprehensive rehab plan that is centered in a professional environment and prepares them to continue to excel in the sport of their choice.