Square Footage: 647,000
Actual Cost: Withheld
Completion Date: 2016

The new 647,000 SF Stamford Hospital uses the patient-centric philosophy of the Planetree model as the basis for its design. EYP Health partnered with the clinicians and administrators to balance high tech and high touch, never losing sight of the client’s goals to personalize, humanize, and demystify health care. The new facility includes the most progressive technology possible, as well as indoor and outdoor yoga sites, green roof-top terraces for caregivers, and quiet spaces for respite, therapeutic touch and sound therapy. The hospital made it a priority to collaborate closely with the City of Stamford and neighboring communities to inform the planning and design of this new campus that enhances the community. The resulting collaborations between EYP Health, the project team, and the community led to the creation of this Planetree Designated Patient-Centered hospital in Stamford.