In Phase 1, the 307,000 SF Greater Accra Regional Hospital at Ridge contains approximately 400 beds and enhanced medical specialties including ambulatory and emergency unit, imaging, maternity, daycare, day surgery, NICU, HDU, administration, laboratory and ICUs.

The facility’s use of concrete, wood, and steel—all traditional Ghanaian building materials—creates a sense of timelessness of place. It proudly boasts a palette of bold colors, layers, and patterns, including a striking metal filigree that invokes the Kente cloth, a traditional African fabric weave. And inside, a color-coded, shape-based wayfinding system ensures effortless navigation, while easy access to the outdoors maintains a constant connection with nature.

Despite immense infrastructural challenges—inconsistent access to fresh water and regular power outages, to name a few—the new hospital achieves superior sustainability and resilience. Rather than relying on electricity-powered elevators, patients can be transported from one floor to the next by a covered outdoor walkable ramp. Natural gas-powered generators provide energy back-up in the event of a loss of electricity. Supplies of fresh water, delivered to the site by truck, are stored on-site in cisterns in the event of drought or water contamination.

The Silver rated hospital is the first LEED for Healthcare certified project on the African continent.