Square Footage: 8,200
Actual Cost: $3.9 Million
Completion Date: 2015

The Wilf Family Center is an intellectual center for children’s health care as well as an entertainment space for families and children. It is specially designed to accommodate patient needs and medical equipment, so families can watch movie premieres, attend special performances, and meet celebrities, including athletes from the Minnesota Vikings. The engineering scope included lighting design, MEP, low voltage, and telecommunications systems designed to support the highly technical and medical requirements of the space.

In addition to the conference center, HGA designed and upgraded the MEP systems for the existing facility and the new ED/patient tower addition to the main 400,000 SF hospital. HGA’s engineering services involved facility analysis and system upgrades along with new construction integrating with the overall hospital infrastructure. The engineering scope included replacing the medium voltage utility and emergency electrical distribution systems, optimizing the central plant design, and designing new engineering systems to support the expansion and existing facility.