Square Footage: 85,000
Actual Cost: $44 Million
Completion Date: 2016

Designed to create outstanding patient experiences and to provide more convenient access to cancer care, the new 85,000 SF, $44 million center offers oncology, behavioral health, nutrition, therapy, acupuncture, yoga, and more. The program includes exam rooms, patient conference areas, and family education, while treatments include radiation oncology, HDR, cyberknife, and PET/CT. Amenities include cosmetology retail, a cafe and break area, art and music therapy and peaceful healing gardens, walking trails, and a water feature for respite.

The input gathered from patients and families for more customization and comfort were incorporated into HGA’s design through larger consult rooms to accommodate families; larger chemotherapy spaces adjustable for privacy; and technology to involve long-distance relatives
in care planning.

To promote caregiver collaboration while saving space and reducing cost, flexible work environments are located in the administrative and clinical areas. With no one person “owning” their space, multiple discrete work environments are provided.