Square Footage: 150,000
Actual Cost: $35 Million
Completion Date: July 2015

Designed as a prototype, this 150,000 SF, 6-story building fosters a new type of health care environment, one that embraces a whole person health care perspective by uniting a mixeduse program and a patient-centered “home” with an emphasis on education, communication, and treatment. Designed to foster long-lasting relationships between patients and care teams, Think’s robust approach to care coordination promotes management of chronic, lifestyle-related diseases.

The clinic welcomes patients in a hotel-like atrium with natural light filtered through a grand staircase in the center. The resulting space melds a dynamic interplay of natural light, colors, and textures with primary clinic space. The simple cube form reflects its adaptability to different sites and contexts, yet the complex and intricate detail design promises a unique experience of the overall space.

The building houses primary care physicians and more than 500 other health professionals, including therapists, nutritionists, mental health professionals, pharmacists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and health coaches.