Square Footage: 715,013
Actual Cost: $500 Million
Completion Date: Spring 2019

The William P. Clements Jr. University Hospital (CUH) is the centerpiece of the nationally acclaimed University of Texas (UT) Southwestern Academic Medical Center located in Dallas. The Tower 3 expansion will house 292 beds concentrated within the neurology, brain and spine services. The increase will bring the total complement of inpatient beds to 752. CUH Tower 3 will house advanced diagnostic and treatment areas such as MEG Scanner, gamma knife, neuro operating rooms, neuro interventional suites and a neuro ICU-based CT scanner. It will also incorporate specialty nursing units such as neuro ICU, acute stroke, spine/orthopedics, and epilepsy.

The facility was designed with two primary components: podium and tower. The podium houses all diagnostic and treatment departments as well as major support services with a distinct separation of flow between visitor, staff/patient, and service. The tower incorporates a serrated configuration with elevator cores at each end. Expansion strategies were incorporated within the original design so as to allow future growth and to reduce disruptions to on-going operations.