The new 3-story, 236,594 SF clinic is designed around the VA’s Patient Aligned Care Team (PACT), which embraces a holistic approach to patient care and includes a pharmacist, mental health providers, and case workers in addition to the medical specialists. Six PACT modules on two floors will accommodate 60 care teams who will serve 128 exam rooms equipped for general health, tele-health, and women’s health. The clinic will offer general and mental health, outpatient surgery, imaging, lab, pharmacy, and CT/MRI services to the area’s 150,000 veterans. The new San Antonio facility also will offer dental services in a clinic featuring 50 dental chairs, a dental surgery suite, and a prosthetics lab.

Effective site integration with extensive native plantings will result in a lush, park-like, pedestrian-friendly setting, further contributing to the healing experience. The interior design finishes visually connect with the exterior, creating a healthy, relaxing environment to comfort patients and visitors, as well as improve staff productivity and retention.

Completion Date: October 2020 (est.)

Gallery Presentation (PDF)