Square Footage: 92,000
Actual Cost: $37 Million
Completion Date: January 2018

This $37 million design/build, lease-back, 92,000-SF outpatient clinic is designed to fuse the existing site, local climate, and surrounding landscape to create a healing oasis that connects patients, staff, and the community. The inspiring atmosphere played a significant role in shaping the form and orientation of the building with exterior wood veneer composite panels and transparent glazing. Taking full advantage of the unique site, views of Mount Hamilton and the Santa Cruz Mountains are available on all three floors from the east and west. The clinic is designed for LEED Silver certification.

San Jose outpatient clinic specializes in many different areas of service including the following: mental health, nutrition, well body, physical therapy, diagnostic, and clinics. The challenge was to organize all the services around a simple public and community space that would orient all people to all services.