Square Footage: 213,888
Actual Cost: $38 Million
Completion Date: June 2016

The Department of Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic in Tallahassee, Fla., is a developer-led, design-build, lease-back facility designed around a “Green Campus in the Park.” Hoefer Wysocki’s design creates a warm, non-institutional, healing environment that balances the technological and code/criteria-driven features that support the delivery of twenty-first century health care. The design includes multiple pavilions, which are all varied within the building’s symmetrical composition.

The facility includes mental health, women’s care, cardiology, surgery, endoscopy, dermatology, urology, ENT, podiatry/orthopedics, dental, diagnostic imaging and other specialty services. The exterior and interior design provide a cohesive color palette, a variety of materials, and a compositional balance, which establish an engaging and lasting impression for all who visit the facility. The brick textures, subtle earth tones and architectural details, combine the classic and regional appearance to create an open, uplifting, and healing environment.