Square Footage: 77,000
Actual Cost: $30 Million
Completion Date: 2016

Micro-hospitals have become popular as a solution to help health systems grow market share and deliver greater value. Microhospitals require a clear strategy, a sound operational model, and a clinical support plan in order to be successful. UCHealth’s micro-hospital at Broomfield is one of five prototype models E4H has developed. UCHealth’s mission was to improve access to emergency and acute patient care. The site offers a 24/7 emergency room, an outpatient surgery center, laboratory services, operating suites, an intensive care unit, a full radiology suite, and deluxe private inpatient rooms.

Scalable from 10-24 beds, micro-hospitals offer comprehensive, acute care in convenient locations. E4H has completed over 28 micro-hospitals to date, offering health systems an efficient solution to improving patient access on an accelerated timeline. An attractive option to for-profit and non-profit entities, micro-hospitals report double the operating margin of general acute care hospitals.