Square Footage: 520,000
Actual Cost: $415 Million
Completion Date: 2017

Constructed around a central park of lawns, gardens, and water features, these integrated specialty hospitals meet the needs of patients with a cardiovascular or neurological diagnosis. The new tower ties to the phase one Shands Cancer Hospital by way of a second-level connector that bridges the existing and new hospital. Spanning the drive into the campus, the connection provides a new gateway into the campus with a shared surgery platform on level two and outdoor terraces above. Maximizing the use of windows and full-height openings extends natural light far into the interior environment, which emphasizes the sense of excellence, innovation, and best-in-class care offered to the state’s growing number of cardio-neurology patients.

Distinctive, patient-centered elements and architectural features, including a light wall, a marine glass sculptured wall, and a meditation sanctuary, highlight the interior. The color palette was selected to create a calming and stress-free environment, and to support easy navigation and wayfinding within the building and to the outpatient clinics.