Square Footage: 275,000
Actual Cost: $200 Million
Completion Date: 2022

The UMass Memorial Medical Center “MC2020” project will span seven years with multiple phases and check in at $200 million. It will modernize the Medical Center’s Memorial and University campuses, including new private patient rooms, with modern finishes and equipment. Included in the patient room upgrades are new beds, patient lifts, and family and staff zones. The project also creates new collaborative team stations to be shared by staff and students, new waiting areas, public areas and hallways, wayfinding and signage, new infrastructure systems, and more. Lastly, the project includes the renovation of the chapel, as well as a new simulation center and classroom space at the Memorial Campus, to be shared by staff and residents. UMass Memorial Health Care is showing its commitment to the community, the hospital’s staff and patients, and medical school students. By utilizing sustainable technology and renovating instead of building new, UMass Memorial Health Care is saving a considerable amount of money while creating a state-of-the-art environment for healing and learning.