Square Footage: 55,000
Construction Cost: $10.3 Million
Completion Date: February 2018

The Vanderbilt Plaza is an existing roof over two floors of the VU Hospital, including areas containing Radiology, Emergency, GI, and other vital clinical programs. Built in 1980 as part of the adjacent hospital, the original waterproofing membrane below the 55,000 SF plaza required replacement. To remove and replace the deteriorated membrane, all existing brick, plantings, and overburden required removal, presenting the opportunity to redesign the plaza to enhance patient, visitor, and staff experience. The new plaza includes:

• Enhanced building entrances, signage, and canopies to improve wayfinding
• Multi-sized clusters and arrangements of seating
• Canopied trees and trellises for shade
• Accessible pathways and lighting
• Secure and convenient bicycle racks
• Removable overburden including planting trays, pavers, and potted trees to facilitate access to waterproofing
• Leak detection system

Completed in February 2018, the plaza construction was sequenced to maintain access to building entries, and was built in 11 phases.