Square Footage: 216,000
Actual Cost: $274 Million
Completion Date: 2017

Located in a remote California desert, this 216,000 SF hospital-clinic serves soldiers, families, and retirees of the Fort Irwin community. Inspired by its remote location and severe conditions, the facility was designed as the first net-zero, Carbon-neutral hospital in the country, achieving a LEED Platinum rating and setting precedent for future hospitals across the United States.

The vision was “an oasis in the desert,” providing a place of refuge, healing, and restoration from the harsh surroundings. The imagery of rock outcroppings, dappling water, and palm fronds create a composition that blends with the desert landscape and provides a serene healing interior.

The building is nestled into a sloping site, zoning the main entry on the mid-level, service access below, and privacy on the upper level. Designed in a “horseshoe” shape, the main entry and exterior desert garden, overlooking the Teifort Mountains, separate the hospital from the clinic. The hospital and clinic functions were split to enhance functionality and flexibility while allowing energy, construction, and cost savings.