Square Footage: 52,000
Actual Cost: $8.5 Million
Completion Date: August 2016

The Yale-New Haven Health Long Ridge Medical Center consolidates an array of both practice and related provider-based services into the Stamford community, allowing patients the convenience of accessing care closer to home. The 52,000 SF fit-out features a newly formed Center for Musculoskeletal Care, representing an emerging center of excellence for the system. The new center contains physical therapy and rehabilitation space, imaging, physician practice space, infusion, and laboratory functions.

The building is organized into two areas with multi-specialty practice space and technical diagnostic and treatment space with support functions. The alignment of central waiting areas forms a spine, supporting an on-stage/off-stage organizational model to enhance patient privacy, staff productivity, and efficiency, and foster team-based collaboration. Exam clusters provide flexibility based on patient demand for particular specialties, improving patient and staff throughput and efficiency.